Flor McCarthy and Mitch Jackson

Meet Solicitor, Flor McCarthy, from Cork, Ireland. Flor is one of Ireland’s leading lawyers and a recognized expert in legal/business marketing. He was chosen as Munster Solicitor of the Year at the Irish Law Awards 2018 and has a particular…

Ramble Chat B-Roll 60fps

Timeline notes: 0:00-1:25 Gimbal shots in MM conference room, 1:45-2:30 Hallway walk shots, 2:47-5:17 ATV Justin writing with James and David stair shots, 5:37-8:00 Slider at MM.

Ramble Chat B-Roll

Timeline notes: 0:00-1:33 MM Laptops and desk shots, 1:45-2:25 leather chair shots, 2:37-3:46 over the shoulder cell shots, 4:00-4:18 writing shots, 4:43-8:00 ATV Justin writing, cell, computer shots with James, 8:48-12:21 ATV James on computer, walk shots with David, 13:00-18:25…