Paradiso Software’s Open Source ERP

Paradiso Software’s Open Source ERP ( – An entire solution to manage all your company assets. It is a multilingual Open source ERP that consists of all the necessary modules that are needed to manage each and every aspect of…

Paradiso Software's Open Source ERP



Paradiso Software’s Open Source ERP ( – An entire solution to manage all your company assets. It is a multilingual Open source ERP that consists of all the necessary modules that are needed to manage each and every aspect of an Enterprise. Open Source ERP by Paradiso Software ( provides you the flexibility to create the Custom ERP’s suitable for your Company’s needs. Here are a few of the basic modules that are required in an ERP:

– Accounting: Be on top of your cash flow. Get real-time data of your financial movements with Open Source ERP. Including employee timings or payments and with customization options. Maintain control in real-time of all your company’s cash flow. Our ERP has all the tools needed to manage the cash from transactions to full data reporting.
* Real-time accounting experience
* Accounts chart
* Daily account manager and payments manager
* Billing and Pricing
* Invoicing
* Banking
* Customization Options

– HR & Payroll: Keep control of your employee’s cycle inside the company from the moment they join, their internal processes or the payment insights for each one of them. Everything from the recruiting process to training and payment methods is under one single platform available on Open Source ERP to get a wide view of the employee’s information.
* Recruitment
* Data Management
* Training
* Payroll
* Expense Management
* Attendance and Leave Management
* Customization Options
– Manufacturing: Open Source ERP lets you manage and plan your production chains, control the entrance of supplies and keep in order your relationships with suppliers and partners. Paradiso ERP gives you full control of your assets, production chain, productivity or inventory with easy implementation and managing.
* Production Management
* Billing
* Sub-contracting
* Product Management
* Inventory
* Resources Manager
* Customization Options
– Sales and Billing: Manage every part of your sales process from the lead management to the final purchase choice, billing, and any useful marketing info. Get the chance to take your productivity levels to the top without spending much by managing all sales, purchases, contracting and all new clients processes.
* Sales dashboard
* Items management
* References and lots tracker
* eCommerce
* Templates
* Marketing Tools
* Receipts
* Customer portal
* Supplier portal
* Invoicing
* Customization
– CRM: Win and retain more customers by optimizing the sales process. With open source ERP, you can track leads, sales opportunities and send email templates on the go. Improve your sales, close deals, grow customer trust among your clients with the CRM ability of Paradiso Open Source ERP.
* Dashboard
* Interactions
* Sales Manager
* Templates
* Marketing assets
* Customizations
– Projects: Carefully and with detail maintain the watch of your projects. Our Open Source ERP lets you organize, schedule, plan and analyze current projects with participation from employees and supervisors. Manage all projects online very smoothly. With Paradiso Open Source ERP you will get control of stuff like budget, tasks, deadlines and detailed information about every project.
* Workspace
* Task Manager
* Chat
* Storage
* Email templates
* Profitability Analysis
* Time optimization
* Customer dashboard
* Customization options
– Helpdesk: Provide the best support and customer service by keeping your staff properly trained and ready to solve any inquire with an integrated knowledge base. Provide excellent customer service by adding the helpdesk feature. This tool handles everything you need from ticket manager, documentation, process automation, reports and much more.
* Real-time insights
* Ticket support
* Customer access
* Maintenance
* Documents
* Customization Options
– Asset Management: Follow all your company assets from purchase to production with ease. Maintain control of quantity so you never run out of stock and much more. Maintain detailed information about your assets, their performance, production chains and that way increase effectiveness and productivity. Everything to help you run your assets with ease.
* Asset lifecycle and Inventory
* Asset Purchasing
* Asset Selling
* Asset Scrapping
* Reports
* Customization Options
– Portal: Our ERP comes with fully-featured content management with blogs, web pages, and forms. Paradiso Open Source ERP comes with a content management feature to create, design and store your web presence, customization and very easy to adapt to your company’s increasing size.
* Responsive Design
* Blogging
* Forms
* Support Chat
* Multilingual solution
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