Los Angeles

Kind of King

One day I’ll get locked up, will you set me free? Tossed and turned out, the money and the weed, The day your rage runs out, you’ll still be a queen, And I’ll be your fucked up kind of king

Interview Art Backstage Rebecca Setareh

Interview Art Backstage Rebecca Setareh Miami Beach, USA.- Iran . :: ART BASEL :: MIAMI BEACH 2019. at Platform Curated by Sogol Decor, Sogol Décor Rebecca Setareh is the creator of objects of power and impact. Rebecca received her Bachelor’s…

Transportapueblos: The Resilientes

In recognition of the many difficulties faced by people who journey from their homes hoping to find a better life in the United States, Mexican artist Alfredo “Libre” Gutierrez has created Transportapueblos: Companion of Migrants, a series of coyote sculptures…