FIFTY8 / The Mystery of Love

FIFTY8 / The Mystery of Love In these series of videos I talk about the knowledge I’ve curated to empower your mind. What is love? It may be the solution to all men and women’s difficulties, problems and issues but…

FIFTY8 / The Mystery of Love



FIFTY8 / The Mystery of Love

In these series of videos I talk about the knowledge I’ve curated to empower your mind.

What is love? It may be the solution to all men and women’s difficulties, problems and issues but how do we find out what it is? The love I’m interested in talking about isn’t human love which is pleasure, competition, jealousy, possession, holding, controlling or interference to others but the divine love which is beautiful, untouched and uncorrupted.

Love is not a product of thought, which is the past. Love is always active, in the present. To really love someone is to love without hate, jealousy, anger, interference, condemning, comparing but with pure abandonment.

When there is love there is no duty and responsibility. It is like taking care of a plant or a flower. Nurturing it & allowing it to grow with gentleness and tenderness. But society has programmed us to prepare ourselves to fit in a box which creates death and destruction. That is not love but war.

So how can we teach each other how to love without fear, dependence, jealousy, possessiveness, domination, responsibility, self-pity and agony? Can we find love without discipline, thought, enforcement, books, teachers or leaders? Can we find it like finding a beautiful flower? Can we find passion without the motive?

Can we become aware of this different dimension called love? This dimension exists inside of us and we stumble upon it when we are not seeking, wanting, pursuing or lusting. It is when we want nothing, we become everything which is inward and silent.

Fear is what rules most of us. This part of us is what sees limitation and separation in everything. Survival mode. Fear is an amplifier of thought and it will bring whatever you fear, fear draws it unto you a thousandfold.

When all realize that they are perfect, no one will ever fail and no one will ever make errors or mistakes. All will succeed in the full expression of their own creative intelligence. Never look at anything as a possibility of failure before you embark on it, rather look at it as a possibility of happiness.

Whatever you find ugly, wrong, despising, is because you also possess it. Whatever you find beautiful, lovely, understanding, sweet in another individual, is because of you. They mirror back to the self. You can never identify in another, what you have never known in yourself.

What you perceive and see in another represents you, yourself, in every moment. There is nothing more beautiful than what you are. So we must never try to be like anyone else, think like anyone else and look like anyone else. Love is the love of self, not another. When couples embrace, you are embracing yourself.

When we love another, you love yourself. You are embracing the being within you, which is a knowing force of awesome power. No one can give unconditional love, they must become it. Love is life’s greatest mystery, wild, free moving, mysterious and unlimited. It exists in all things and when felt, gives an emotion of unlimitedness within.

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Baird T. Spalding “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”

“Opus 38” by Dustin O’Halloran / Like Crazy OST
“Together We Will Live Forever” by Clint Mansell / The Fountain OST
“The Departure” by Max Richter / The Leftovers OST
“Arnalds Near Light” by Mari Samuelsen
“No Time for Caution” by Hans Zimmer / Interstellar OST
“S.T.A.Y” by Hans Zimmer / Interstellar OST
“Our Destiny Lies Above Us” by Hans Zimmer / Interstellar OST
“There Are Worse Games To Play/Deep in the Meadow/The Hunger Games Suite” by James Newton Howard / The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 OST
“Mind Heist” by Zack Hemsey

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