#AskAbhijit 90: Video Chat AMA (History, Geopolitics, Science)

Episode 90 of the #AskAbhijit show: I answer your live video chat questions about history, geopolitics and science. 0:00 intro music 1:00 hello 4:12 we have seen USA going to pakistan and killing osama but india doesnt try to kill…

#AskAbhijit 90: Video Chat AMA (History, Geopolitics, Science)


Episode 90 of the #AskAbhijit show: I answer your live video chat questions about history, geopolitics and science.

0:00 intro music
1:00 hello
4:12 we have seen USA going to pakistan and killing osama but india doesnt try to kill the mastermind of 1992 killings….
6:53 Why does ukraine holding indian students would benefit them?
9:48 If were to take back pakistan or make akhand bharat in next 20 years what should be our approach?
13:00 it is told that ukraine is using soviet era air force, and russia using sukhoi 27, 35…
16:05 even the govt had a big majority why are they not implementing CAA, increasing girl marriage age…
20:27 is there a possibility that china can take control over taiwan and are we heading towards WW3?
24:09 Difference between civil engineer and architect
26:15 should india do the same thing what ukraine is trying to do on our students?
27:55 before bengal was for spreading buddhism and also had great universities, how did the buddhism lost its presence over bengal……
31:25 About nambi narayan and his tradegy behind him and his work towards creating of cryogenic engine and if he had done that before itseld where would have been the indian space program?
35:15 does the biological clock also change when we go to differnet place as in interstellar movie shown where the person came after few days and can be seen it has been decades….time dilation….
38:48 do you think they will move to decentralised system like crypto like from commodity to asset, as we can see financial sanctions which harm the common citizens too…
44:07 Someone asking a book regarding
45:21 Who’s going to be a global dominance over the world order, is it china as we can also see russia coming into with china….
52:08 How china became economic superpower within 20 years and tech gaints ceo’s who are indians feel proud of them being from india but still why cant they come to india and make it a economic superpower?
56:34 Is it possible to free sindhi region independent or make part of india, as in partition sindhi region has been given to pakistan…
1:01:12 what will be they expect from India and china if war breaks out if china attacks taiwan….
1:04:23 how does abhijit sir see the veto, and we can see UN has been looksing revelance, should india aim for veto in future for other purposes….
1:08:32 about electron spin
1:10:42 how do we distinguish mahabharat and harry potter and how can know if mahabharat is fiction or not?
1:14:12 what happens to debt if a nation ceases to exist
1:15:09 can in future india become permanent member of UNSC, competition with other countries like vietnam, etc in regard to manufacture too…
1:17:42 As an individual and the country to make the country grow like becoming a 10 trillion economy…
1:20:07 Even though nehru was a anglophile why was his policies aligned to soviet like socialism.
1:23:05 If india wants to protect nepal then it would look like it is capturing nepal as we can see a lot of anti india campagains, who would help india in case if china attacks india tomorrow…
1:28:08 If homie baba was alive today, what things would we have achieved, like nowadays we dont have nuclear submarine tech too…
1:32:52 Is deep state gonna break and this hegemony of US being supower longing last?
1:37:28 are we living in simulation…
1:41:34 If pakistan disintegrates then what should india see upon and would do?
1:45:13 What should an indian teen aim for in future aiming for their success and also for the country’s contribution too..
1:48:59 How does abhijit sir see India’s influence in caribean, etc in future…as we can also see china getting into africa, south america…
1:56:33 thank you

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