光と霧のデジタルアート庭園 / Digital Art Garden : interview movie

About the Work How to enjoy the cool, even in the midsummer heat? This project revisited Japan’s traditional approaches to cooling down in the summer, paying homage to customs that arose out of the Japanese sensibility, and reconfiguring them into…

光と霧のデジタルアート庭園 / Digital Art Garden : interview movie



About the Work
How to enjoy the cool, even in the midsummer heat?
This project revisited Japan’s traditional approaches to cooling down in the summer, paying homage to customs that arose out of the Japanese sensibility, and reconfiguring them into a contemporary art experience. The Japanese of past centuries savored the summer – without relying on air conditioning – by exploiting the possibilities offered by their five senses. Sunsets, traditional gardens, the engawa (terrace surrounding a Japanese house), sprinkling water, cool breezes – these are elements that have always been associated with the Japanese summer. All these elements were brought together at the work’s site in Tokyo Midtown – in keeping with the complex’s aim “to offer the most pleasant space in central Tokyo” – with added dynamism and entertainment factor. Visitors immersed themselves in this space in the middle of the city, which somehow fused nostalgia and novelty, and took in the invigorating ryo – the Japanese notion of coolness that is soaked up through all five senses, regardless of what the actual temperature might be.

This project was the theme of this joint project between Hakuten, a creative agency that specializes in producing real live experiences, and Tokyo-based visual design studio WOW inc.

About the Exhibition
The theme of “staying cool in the Japanese summer”
Roppongi is an area in the heart of Tokyo, which is always full of life and packed with a diversity of people. Our task was to design a spot in this area that would offer a new way to enjoy the summer. We approached this task by focusing on the rich traditional sensibility of the Japanese, which seeks ways to appreciate even the sweltering summer heat as fuzei, as part of the scenic ambiance.

Sitting on the engawa* facing the garden to listen to the insects, to watch the fireworks, to spend summer evenings with those near and dear. The challenge was to reconfigure these quintessential elements of the Japanese summer into something fresh and contemporary, creating a whole new seasonal sight.

The setting was a spacious lawn in the heart of the city, measuring over 2,000 square meters. On this lawn we set up a large rectangular engawa, 20 by 40 meters, to serve as a stage and a frame. We filled this space with mist that changed from moment to moment, creating sights that each lasted but a moment.
And finally, there was a digital lighting system showing fireworks, comprised of around 6,000 LEDs.

Visitors relaxed on this engawa, watching the image of Japanese summer unfold beneath their feet, and experienced the summer coolness. The elemental, ever-transforming mist and the digitalized lights of the fireworks produced together a sight of which eye could not tire. Blending in with the summer evening, the work offered visitors an experience that refreshed both their minds and bodies amid the heat.

*The engawa is an architectural feature distinctive to traditional Japanese houses. It is an intermediary space between indoors and outdoors, and a place that is almost emblematic of a good life, where one can sit and take in the outdoor ambiance or chat with loved ones.

「暑さ厳しい真夏に涼やかさを堪能する」ということを、日本人の感性が育んだ伝統的手法のオマージュにより、現代的なアート体験として再構築することに挑んだ。かつての日本人は五感の可能性を活かし、冷房のない夏を楽しんできた。日没、日本の庭先、縁側(エンガワ)、打ち水、涼風など、日本の夏の原風景たる要素。それらを開催場所であるTOKYO MIDTOWNの「東京の真ん中でいちばん気持ちの良い場所になりたい」というコンテクストとへつなぎ、ダイナミズム、エンンターテイメント性を加え表現したものが本作品である。人々は、都会の真ん中に現れた「懐かしさ」と「新鮮さ」が融和した空間へ自らを投じ、実際の温度だけではない、五感に染み渡る「涼」という日本的な刺激体験に酔いしれていた。

本作品は、リアル空間における体験に特化したクリエイティブカンパニー HakutenとWOW、TOKYO LIGHTING DESIGNが手掛けた。WOWはクリエイティブディレクション及び演出を担当。

2018年7月13日(金)から8月26日(日)まで東京ミッドタウンにて開催された「MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2018」の一つとして公開された。本展示では、まず「日本の夏の涼」というテーマで、東京の真ん中、多種多様な人々が溢れ、常に賑わいがやまない六本木という街において、新たな夏の楽しみ方の提案が求められた。私達は、夏の暑さをも風情として楽しもうとする、日本人が本来持つ豊かな感性からアプローチした。

庭に面した縁側(エンガワ)※1 に座り、虫の声を聞き、花火を愛でて、親しき人と夏の夜を楽しむ。そんな感性豊かな日本の夏の原風景を現代的に再構築し、新たな夏の風景をつくりだすことへのチャレンジである。




HAKUTEN ( hakuten.co.jp/content/creative )
Creative Director:Isao Kuwana
Planner:Daisuke Masaki
Space Designer : Ryukei Aoyagi
Construction Manager:Yosuke Ono / Tohru Kawakami
Producer:Yuta Saito / Naoyuki Okamoto / Hideki Katada

WOW (www.w0w.co.jp)
Creative Director:Kosuke Oho
Director / Designer:Tatsuki Kondo
Music Composer:Masato Hatanaka
Producer:Shinichi Saeki

Lighting Director / Designer:Daisuke Yano
Lighting Planner:Akito Aiba
Lighting Planner:Yu Han Chang

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